Shipping out these 3 engines 6-18-19-- Two built flatheads and a 312 Y-block. I have all the parts to build a 3 5/16 X 4 and a SCAT 1/2" stroker flathead. I have 2 excellent 8BA blocks and 1 excellent 312 Y-block and crankshaft. I also have a .040 over 292 complete rebuilt Y-block, $3,500.00. Call if you are interested. Dennis 704 788 8225. PS; I still have the 3 5/16 X 4 [ red ] engine for sal...
Overstock of 30 pails - VALOVINE Gear Oil 75/90 need to sell. Plus Shipping. Heintz Performance, Inc.. 5980 Grand National Lane Concord, NC 28027 (704) 455-9422 (704) 455-9422
Tray to take the oil to the rear. Rare oil pan. It takes a special pick up that fits the tray. The oil pick up pictured is NOT included and is NOT the correct pick up. Nice pan except for the rust on the side. $100.00 plus shipping. Dennis 704 788 8225.
This I believe is a Canadian pan. It requires a special pick up that fits the tray. I sold the pick up because I did not want to take the time to repair the rust through on the side. I have located a replacement pick but we have not gotten together on the price. He is asking 60 plus shipping. I can give you his contact info if you buy my oil pan. Dennis 704 788 8225. PS: The pick up in this pic...
Speed Pro pistons. Hastings rings. King bearings. Schneider F274 camshaft. Reconditioned Ford lifters. New timing chain assembly. Many hours spent smoothing the block. Dennis 704 788 8225.
I have a 2 speed turbo 400 also called a turbo glide. the transmission is like brand new only been down the track one time. reason for selling is we are going back to a power glide. this transmission only works good behind a Big block motor that makes a lot of hp. For any more info feel free to text or call me (after 6pm) at 3364254711.. LEXINGTON, NC 27292 (336) 425-4711
I have a bill mitchell carb. it is an 850. the carburetor works great it just isnt big enough for my new set up. if you want to know more about it, feel free to text or call me (after 6pm) at 3364254711. LEXINGTON, NC 27292 (336) 425-4711
Balanced assembly, Eggge pistons, Grant rings, Potvin cam, Isky lifters, Stainless steel valves, The block has been chem stripped and decked. The oil pan has been painted and installed. Dennis 704 788 8225.
Speed Pro pistons, Hastings rings, Scheinder F274 camshaft, Reconditioned Ford lifters, New timing chain assembly. Many hours spent smoothing the block. $2,000.00. Dennis 704 788 8225.
ALL NEW center section except for a used R & P which is absolutely LIKE NEW condition. New National/Halibrand 3.38 final ratio change gears. $2,950.00 . Dennis 704 788 8225
Halibrand 201 Quickchange rear end. 215 Olds fresh rebuild! 5 speed trans . [core] NOS Offy intake. NOS Mallory Unilite. Aluminum radiator. Buick brakes. 38" width in front of rear tires. 74" from block to center of rear end. With wheels, tires and fresh rebuilt engine. $14,000.00.
1965 and later Ford. Use 65 and later F150 driveshaft. This trans. has been converted to floor shift using a Jeep shifter just like the other 2 trans. I had. They sold in a few days on the HAMB. This is a very beefy all syncromesh trans. It is in perfect condition. I took a picture of the inside before I had a NASCAR trans specialist do the shifter conversion. Can't find the picture just now. I...
Like new. Pads appear to be new. $150.00. $15.00 shipping. 704 788 8225 No text
Very straight original grille. I sent it out for acid copper plating and the platter messed up the plating. I have it ready for chrome plating now or you can paint it. I ended up painting the grille in my C500. $250.00. NOTE; Repro grilles are available now BUT they are quite wavy. Dennis 704 788 8225
An extra nice CULVER CITY cover. A LIKE NEW R&P. The inner bearing support has NOT been broken. The bottom has been repaired. The repair is totally over kill. Between the 2 lower front gussets it has been filled with weld. $3,200.00 plus shipping. Dennis 704 788 8225
EVERYTHING IS NEW except the axle housings. 57.5" width. $4,500.00 with Speedway Motors cover. Many other covers to choose from. Optional at extra cost. Inquire. Dennis 704 788 8225 no text. Shipping $150.00
I believe it is NOS or close to it. It looks new inside and no welding has been done on the axle tubes. I have had it in my QC collection for quite some time. At age 84 I don't think I will be needing it. I have 4 car projects to finish now. All 4 have QC's. The 31 spline axles are drilled 4 hole x 4 1/2" bolt pattern. Maybe you can have them plugged and redrilled to the bolt pattern of your ch...
rebuildable core. One has side shift, one has floor shift [ broken top] $175.00 each. $300.00 for the pair. Dennis 704 788 8225 no text